Exper Easypad VEGACOMB Yeni Update ler

Honey Ice is a series of updates for the VegaComb 9n ROM. But I am aiming for it to make it a full rom which uses 9n as a base. But it will always be known as VegaComb, created by newbe5 and his team and edited by me.
There are 2 types of Honey Ice: DIET and FAT. In post 2 you will find the FAT edition, in post 1 the DIET edition.
Credits and screenshots are in post 3!

Celebration time :
Zerofeel made me part of the TR Elite Team, thanks I am very happy with it

DIET Edition:

Diet edition is the same as FAT exept that the systempartion is much smaller. By making the systempartion smaller you have a smaller chance of bad NAND Blocks!

Update 3.2.6:
*Beta roll-out to a couple of members!!!*
-Fixed most of the market problems:
*Updated market to 3.3.11*
*Changed fingerprint to Motorola Xoom HC 3.2, in theorie you should see more apps*
-Enabled sms
-Compiled new kernel.
*HDMI up to 720p*
*Gyroscope fixed*
*wifi drivers working correctly*
*clocked at 1.4GHz*
*a lot more*
-Added Agenda Widget
-Pulled out another system app (signed, reintergrated into the update)
-Added a very very nice live wallpaper
-Supercharger v6 correct settings created. This script is really perfect now, looks like my tablet is on steroids, big speed improvement, no browser fc yet on all website listed as fc. Will test more but really good)
-More stuff
-Credits comes when this update is out of beta!!!

-Regarding beta roll-out:

I want to get update 3.2.6 perfect so I want to ask a few members to test this beta version! But first read the member selection list and agreement list!

Members selected for beta testing:
-slient (rolled out to slient)
-partner (rolled out to partner)
-AlbaJoe (rolled out to AlbaJoe)
-jpratt (rolled out to jrpatt)

-You are willing to risk a softbrick! (won’t happen I think)
-You are willing to provide me your gmail adress and add you on google talk
-You will not leak any bit of information (regarding uploading the beta, uploading install instructions or optimize instruction etc!)
-You are willing to do a full wipe and start from nvflash
-You will not change anything (like dpi or settings or themes)
-You will follow the instructions to the letter.
-You are willing to test the by me selected areas of the update and feedback on them
-You are willing to test everything and give feedback about that
-You will not give feedback on this website about the 3.2.6 update (only through google talk)
-You have the time to test it today and tomorrow.
-Test more beta’s of 3.2.6!

If you agree send me a pm 😛

Update 3.2.5x:
-Fixed a bug in the framework
-Added 160dpi support

*install through method 2*
*you must have 3.2.5 already installed!!!*

Update 3.2.5:
-New Wi-fi drivers (thanks to eduardo from modaco)
*it should now support AP mode (WAP)*
*Bluetooth works next to wifi (at the same time)*
-fixed battery drain (see post 3)
-Updated looks, some ICS 😛 (75% credit for this look update goes to partner, see post 3)
-Other minor fixes
-Added 140 dpi v1 support

*See install method 2 before flashing!*
*For 140 dpi users see method 3 before flashing!*

Update 3.2.4:
-Pulled out 7,2mb of system apps. (changed permissions, resigned and reintergrated them in the update (outside of the systempartition)
-Includes FULL Update 3.2.3
-Systempartion is around the same size as Build 9n (I believe even smaller)
-Fixed a small bug in the framework
-Fixed camera missing (for some users)
-Fixed SystemUI.apk FC’s sometimes
-140 dpi auto for V2 (so I now officialy support it!)
-Created a base version (all future DIET updates will be based on this update, it will make the upload time smaller and the file size)
-Replaced font with Robotica from ICS

Changelog before 3.2.4:
Multiupload.com – upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Version diffrences:

V2 > Normal version, this version uses stock ICS market (3.2.0)
V1 > V1 version, this version uses a tweaked honeycomb market (3.1.5)

140 dpi versions:

Changed the dpi to 140 which results in less space on your desktop but clearer visual appereance.

Flash instructions:

1. First time using one of my updates or coming from FAT Edition:

-Boot into CWM
-Do a full wipe (data, cache, dalvik and batterystats)
-Flash 9n
-Flash DIET Edition 3.2.4
-Start wifi
-Log into market with gmail account (accept agreement)
-Open browser

*Doesn’t this work for you? Try flashing a new modded stock v2*

2. Coming from DIET update 3.2.4?:

-Boot into CWM
-Flash new update (3.2.5)

3. Coming from DIET update 3.2.4 140 dpi v2 and want 140 dpi v1?:

*For 140 dpi v2 users just use install method 2 (but then with 140dpi update 3.2.5)*

-Boot into CWM
-Flash DIET update 3.2.4 v1
-Flash DIET update 3.2.5 140dpi



Update 3.2.5x:

Normal (for v1 and v2) >>> http://www.multiupload.com/M7FPOQRO7J

140dpi (for v1 and v2) >>> http://www.multiupload.com/TTXIKZRZM2

160dpi (for v1 and v2) >>>http://www.multiupload.com/VWPO13YWUI

Update 3.2.5:

Normal (for v1 and v2) >>>http://www.multiupload.com/4LPS406WPC

140 dpi (for v1 and v2) >>>http://www.multiupload.com/TENSRISV2M

Update 3.2.4:

V1 >>> Multiupload.com – upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

V2 >>> Multiupload.com – upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

140 dpi v1 >>> [announced]

140 dpi v2 >>>Multiupload.com – upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

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